Smart Reaction Policy Privacy

  1. You need to be logged in to Facebook to use this app, so we recommend that you enable 2-factor security to avoid possible trouble related to account security.
  2. Abuse of this application may cause your F.B. account to be locked. However, you do not need to worry too much when your account is locked. Because normally your account will be unlocked as soon as you follow the F.B. authentication steps, up to 48 hours it will be unlocked.
  3. This application needs to access information such as friend lists, posts, messages to do statistics. By using this app, you accept it
  4. This application will not collect, store any of your personal information or emails, passwords, cookies. All processing will be done on your phone. The only information we store is the UID. (User Id: a string of numbers used to distinguish F.B. accounts from each other, used to identify Premium accounts).
  5. This app may not work on some accounts. Some accounts may have limited features, so this application may not work, you may several times at different times, if it still does not work, it means your F.B. account is not supported. All you need to do is simply uninstall this application, or log in with another F.B. account.