How to get facebook access token 2021

In common, the token with full name is token - signing public key. That means the token is public and it used to verify the signing of a digital security token. With the development of Facebook, Mark define that Access token verify unique with private account. So, what is Facebook Access Token? How to get it?

To Define the meaning of Facebook Access Token

 As mentioned above, your Fb account also has the access token. It has many kinds of token. It depends on how far of permission you grant access for this. WIth your account's token, somebody can login your one without password. You should be carefull when make the token and give it for a person.

Nowaday, Facebook Access Token is very popular in social. For very simple example, when you want to access for playing a game on Facebook. This application will ask you to have some permission with your account. Accepting button that means the game will create automatically and take the token of your Fb account. 

How to get Facebook Access Token?

WIth the developer, it is very important that allow his great application could get to Fb users, make them fullfeel happy.

No take your time more, you can take easily your Access Token with some steps in below:

Step 1:

Login FB on your browser

Step 2:

Open the url 

Step 3:

Press Ctrl + F to find keyword "accessToken" -> String with begin of "EAAA...." is your Facebook Access Token.

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