How to automate to send friends request with Friend Requester (F13 Tools)

As you know, Facebook is one of the popular social networks on around the word. People have the habit that surfing the Facebook everyday, every hour. More expand your friendzone more diverse your newsfeed. Friend Requester is the easy tool to automate making friends on Facebook, auto send friends request to target users, have more friends on Facebook without losing much manipulation.

What is the Features of tool?

F13 Tools - Friend Requester - Toolkit help make friend request on Facebook. Connecting new friends is never easier rightnow. Everything you need to do is the information supply of the target group or post. If you do not supply it, you also have new friend with first selection object.

  • Add people you may know
  • Add members of group
  • Add people on post
  • Auto confirm friend requests
  • Cancel sent requests



How to use Friend Requester feature?

The Config of tool depend on what kind of target action you choose, specified with some properties:


It means two friend requirement would be separate of a period of time. You should set this config that make your connection more natural, not a bot.


Full name is Limit number of friend request. As delay time, Facebook do not allow own users to suddenly make friend requirements too much. The limit depends on your account qualify.

So, if you are fresher, should be start with 15 - 20 of friend requests the first few days.

Has mutual friends

It is the checkbox that means Friend Requester would scan and only choose who has mutual friends with your account. 

NOTE: this config is only in Add people you may know action

Group ID

In general, it means ID of Facebook group. Every subject on Facebook always has own unique ID that help exactly determined. See how to find Facebook ID.

Post ID

As group ID, post also have its ID on Facebook platform. Advantages of post is you can target more exactly accounts you wanna connect.

How to get Post ID see at the end of post.


Who responded in the determined post (Comment or React like, haha, wow, sad ...) would be your target friend requester.

After config some properties, click Start to run.

How to get Post ID?

To get Post ID, click on the time of post.

The number in URL is Post ID.

To make sure this is Post ID, you can field the number after, ex: If Facebook redirect to the article then this is Post ID.

Good luck!